Ideal smooth and healthy legs

Heat, dry wind, water procedures - not the best way to face the legs: the skin grundes, peeling, painful cracks appear. What will help in this situation? There are some measures of recovery and treatment.

The first is soda baths. It is necessary to dissolve in 1.5 liters of warm water several spoons of soda and hold the legs in it. The procedure is worth repeating 1 time per week for 5 minutes. Get rid of an unpleasant "emery skirt" will help the warm bath from starch. A little pair of foot in it, and then clean the heels with a soft brush.

Second - scrubs. Once a week, you can clean the legs with a special leg scrub. A small amount of composition must be applied on pums and light circular motions to rub the skin.

Third - cream. After water procedures, it is imperative to moist the heel to soften them. There are only a few procedures - and the skin on the heels will acquire a smooth and well-kept look.

In the fight against unpleasant cracks, Vaseline will also help well. To begin with, it is necessary to break the legs in hot water with a slightly added boric acid (1 teaspoon on a glass of water), then apply a layer of vaseline on cracks and impose a plaster. You will be surprised how pleasant to the touch can be the skin of the feet! Take the heels constantly, and the result will not make yourself wait long.

Another problem of women are corn. Most often they are formed on the maidenings or thumbs of the feet from a narrow or not diverse shoes. Ordinary garlic will come to the rescue. You need to take the teeth and grind, add a little sala and this composition to lubricate the patient. Also on the steaming corn simply applied the purified clove of garlic and fasten the plaster.

Fashion dictates its own rules. The leather women should be tender and smooth. Of course, removal of excess hair is a personal matter of every girl, although in recent times more and more Many seek to get rid of unwanted vegetation.

The most popular hair removal service is bioepilation with wax. The procedure is painful, but as a result - velvety, smooth, soft skin for 2-3 weeks.

Another way that is very popular is shugaring, the meaning of which is that the hairs are removed using thick sugar caramels. The method is sweet and quite pleasant.

If, from the hair, it is necessary to get rid of forever, then often recorded on the course of electroepilation sessions - an effective method that removes hair by exposure to the follicle with small electrical circuits. Verified buy wellbutrin online canada .