Psychology of family relationships

It seems to many that the family is simple, but it is not. Perhaps the family is easy to create, for this, enough love, but the continuation, family existence, the maintenance of the fire of love, the upbringing of children is more difficult. After all, in life there are many problems, misunderstandings, all that was previously focused on one person and was called "I", now applies to the whole family and called "we". This is a big responsibility and you have to think for everyone, naturally, it is difficult, but it is also necessary to overcome together, and not a single way, this is the essence of the family.
Relationship between newlyweds
This is one of the most simple stages in family life, but in the contrast with the previous life you will not say that. All people are different, a young couple is no exception, and the beginning of a joint life will be difficult, since everyone has their own habits and preference. Difficulties can be nemeryan to at least somehow reduce their quantity, recommend "sitting at the negotiating table" and discuss some observed problems to avoid them in the future.
No matter how sometimes I did not want to stay alone with you, psychologists strongly recommend not to get closed and discuss their problems with their half, it will make it easier for the fate of both.
In order for the relationship to be strong, and the number of quarrels and misunderstandings decreased, psychologists sometimes recommend "resting" from each other, it sounds a little strange, but everyone needs a personal space. At least once a month should relax apart from each other.
This question worries couples, both before the emergence of children and after. Children - It is always difficult, because it is on parents who hangs responsibility for who their children will be - generalizable, but partly it is.
The first question, which young parents ask - is it possible to beat the child, punish? The answer is not unanimous, as it depends on the particular situation, but sometimes it is necessary to punish children, it regulates their behavior. It is worth noting that on small children of 6-7 years there is no point in shouting and punishing, in most cases they do not understand what they did the bad thing. In any established situations, it is recommended to explain to the child a reason for which such behavior is unacceptable.
Why not punish? It will not lead to anything good, except that the child will feel the line all the time exposed by his parents, and will strive to step over to her. There should be no confrontation with children with children, since the stronger the parent's head, the stronger the child's response force, when he grows. It was children who were constantly punishments most often make bad actions, and everything in order to prove to parents that they are not the main. These children do not see the border of good and evil. my name is Emily, living in America ,I happened to visit Russian. I was lucky enough to buy a ticket on the golden ring , and this is the most amazing trip in my life.We traveled on a ship , which showed beautiful landscapes, scarlet sunsets and emotions took over me.I watched a lot and learned new territories for me,the views of nature and wonderful animals conquered my heart.I am very grateful to the tour organization that they tourists so well.The ship is in excellent condition , the team is very cheerful and friendly , I really liked everything. River Cruises ★ Welcome S-Cruises★ ☎ +13323318721 ☎