10 useful gadgets to pack for your cruise


Cruise ships are usually well-equipped, but to make life easier, here are ten travel items that can make your days at sea a little more comfortable.

Waterproof case for mobile phone

Most of us have smartphones that double up as cameras these days, so make sure you keep those precious phones safe and dry when by the poolside. It can also double up as a pouch to keep your room key, and maybe even some cash.

Digital alarm clock with night mode feature

Most of these clocks come with a temperature and date setting. Apart from telling time and having the essential alarm component, it keeps track of the days that go by. The night mode feature means it glows slightly in the dark (you can turn it off, of course) which can serve as a night light for the little ones.

Selfie stick

Because isn’t that the requirement for holidays these days? Even if you hate selfies, the tripod works well as a monopod for taking amazing photos of the horizon, and you can use it to take photos from heights your human arm cannot reach.


It’s basically a board with lots of bands attached for you to keep those power adaptors, cables, and other little things like your notebook and pens in place. Having everything clipped onto a board means you won’t have to worry about earphones getting tangled or getting lost in the luggage. The boards come in different sizes.

Magnet hooks

Yes, magnet. Because guess what your cabin walls are made of? Metal, and more metal. Bring as many as you like, and decorate those walls with practical hooks where you can hang your clothes and handbags.

Global adaptor & power strip

There may be only one power point in your room, so bring a power strip with an international adaptor so you’re covered. It’s also a good idea to get a power strip with USB ports so you only need to bring cables for some electronic items.

Coffee travel mug

Caffeine fix or warm water, there’s no rule against bringing hot drinks back to your room. A travel mug will not only help prevent spilling along the corridor, it also keeps the drink warm for longer. As an alternative, bring a travel flask.

Luggage scale

This is more applicable if you’re catching a flight back home after disembarking. With all the shopping done during the cruise, a small handheld luggage scale can take away the stress of worrying if your luggage is now too heavy to be a carry-on.

Battery pack

Of course you can charge your devices indoors, but what if they run low on power and you’re just about to step out to sunbathe on the deck chairs? You may even make new friends because of this precious little thing.


Having reading options is great, especially when they come in one thin and light gadget. Just make sure you bring along the cable to have it charged. (Pro tip: It uses an Android mobile phone cable, so you don’t have to bring another cable just for the Kindle).

Words by Alycia Lim