6 easy tips for a healthier cruise


There is nothing worse than getting sick on your holiday and especially when you’re in such close quarters with other travellers, it’s easy to pick up a couple of bugs. Here are some ways that you can prevent yourself from getting sick.

1. Wash your hands

Regularly washing your hands on board will minimise your chances of catching any infection whether its flu or a stomach bug. It also prevents norovirus.

2. Know your port of calls and insurance cover

Be informed of your port of calls and ship’s route. Purchase a travel insurance to protect yourself from any medical emergency because doctors onboard a cruise ship charge anywhere between $150-$200. In 2015, cruise claims were the most expensive .

3. Be prepared for seasickness

Any one is susceptible to seasickness, and its always better to be prepared. Consult a doctor to know which medicines will help you  avoid seasick symptoms like nausea; chewing ginger lollies is also good.

4. Packing medicines

Depending on your cruise itinerary, stock up on extra medicines because your travel insurance does not cover the cost of medications.

5. Shore excursions vs. travel insurance

Check on shore excursions you may take on a cruise before purchasing travel insurance; your policy should be able to cover any of the onboard activities and excursions like scuba diving, snorkelling etc. www.world2cover.com.au. offers a comprehensive range of travel insurance.

6. Buying travel insurance

Get an insurance policy from the date you leave home till your return, which should cover any overseas and domestic travel and will help in case of delays. Almost 41 percent of Aussie travellers don’t take insurance and wait till the last minute. To avoid any stress, get a good travel insurance policy that covers all your cruising concerns.