Ask the expert: Big ship or little ship – what’s the best for me?


Nancy Koh, the Assistant General Manager for Chan Brothers Worldwide Cruise Centre talks to Cruise&Travel Asia about picking the best ships for your next cruise. Whether you’re looking for fun onboard activities and facilities or smaller exotic destinations, these are key factors to help you decide on your next cruise holiday. 

“Big ships are equivalent to floating hotels with a plethora of activities, facilities and dining options. However, bigger ships also mean higher traffic everywhere, possible queues for popular activities and restaurants, and can be overwhelming for some. Smaller ships are equivalent to boutique hotels with higher levels of personal touches, i.e. servers remembering how you like your coffee during breakfast or addressing you by name. Smaller ships can also navigate narrow water channels and give access to more remote ports of call. However, smaller ships may also mean limited activities, facilities and dining options with pre-fixed meal times.

Deciding what works for you is largely dependent on your personal preferences. However, for some destinations, there may not be alternative options of ships such boutique river cruises on the Danube or Rhine River.”