Ask the expert: Five tips on how to avoid seasickness


You may think you have the strongest stomach. But even the most experienced cruisers will tell you rough waters can bring down the toughest.

Seasickness. It may not be terminal, but it does have the potential to ruin your long-awaited and much-needed holiday.

Although research shows that most cases of seasickness can be traced back to the mind – convincing yourself that you’re on a ship and therefore you must feel sick – there are also a number of instances where a cruiser just can’t shake the nausea.

To help you avoid running to and from the bathroom on your next trip, we’ve compiled a list of top five tips to help you overcome seasickness.

1. Take ginger

Whether you’re eating it raw or taking it in tablet form, ginger is one of the most effective methods for treating nausea.

2. Acupuncture/wristbands

For a drug free alternative to seasickness, try the magnet seasickness wristbands. They relieve nausea by applying pressure on key acupressure points in your wrist.

Acupuncture works in the same way, by using needles to apply pressure on different acupressure points across the body.

3. Spend time at the centre of the ship or deck

Find the centre of the ship and sit there for a while. That’s usually the least rocky part of the ship. This will give your body time to move past the nausea.

The deck is also a great spot to ease seasickness. It will give you a chance to get fresh air while you sit and focus on the horizon.

4. Go to the spa

The spa and fitness centre isn’t just for working out and getting a manicure. You’ll find that most cruise ship spas have a quiet getaway, the relaxation room.  Although it varies on different ships – some like to give it a sauna effect with heat and steam, others added scents – the quiet and serenity of these rooms make them great place to go when you’re feeling seasick.

5. Get the injection

When all else fails, take yourself down to the on board medical centre and get the injection. Unfortunately, the cost of the injection can be quite steep, but if forking out $100 will let you enjoy your time on board, then it’s well worth the spend.

A few other tips:

–       Eat green apples

–       Avoid excess alcohol and spicy foods

–       Avoid reading and the TV if you get nauseous

–       Chew gum and eat sweets