Ask the expert: What is the best shore excursion for me?


Nancy Koh, Assistant General Manager of Chan Brothers Worldwide Cruise Centre gives you advice on how to choose the best shore excursions for you. Cruise lines offer such a wide variety of activities that it’s difficult to decide. Here is Nancy’s advice on how to pick the right shore excursions for you. 
“There really isn’t one best offshore excursion. Different destinations offer numerous offshore excursions featuring the various highlights of each specific destination. A gourmet-themed offshore excursion even if highly recommended, may not appeal to a nature or history buff. Choose wisely and select an offshore excursion based on your individual preference bearing in mind inclusions, costs, comfort and difficulty level. Rather than pushing yourself to maximise your vacation time with back-to-back offshore excursions purely based on recommendations or be pressured by limited vacancies.”