Destination: Canada


From coast to coast, Canada is filled with vibrant, multicultural cities and unexpected natural wonders.

Canada is a huge and diverse country, the second-largest country in the world by total area. Most of this land is wilderness or countryside — with a population of about 35 million, cities are spread out far and wide and it can take hours (or days) to travel to them by car. There is no better way to experience the magic and beauty of this incredible region than from the decks of a cruise ship.

The iconic Rocky Mountains are a must see in Canada, as are the magnificent Niagra Falls. In the immense wildernesses you’ll find hiking trails through leafy forests, hot springs, stunning rivers brimming with salmon. Go white water rafting – just avoid the grizzly bears. Further north, polar bears wander the icy tundra around Manitoba and Nunavut in the summer season. Small ships cruise through the once-impassable Northwest Passage where passengers can encounter an abundance of Arctic wildlife, from polar bears to beluga whales, snow-white arctic foxes, seals and caribou.

With high altitudes and located far north of the equator, Canada can be very cold. In the winter, temperatures can plummet lower than -40 C, but cruise season is through the milder fall (autumn), pleasant spring and hot summer. Canadians love to go to the beach, both by the ocean and on Toronto’s lake. If you do find yourself in Canada in the winter, ice skating, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding (try Whistler resort) are fun ways to enjoy the frozen temperatures.

Welcoming and friendly on the whole, Canadians are extremely polite and are notorious for saying “sorry” a lot. Canadians love ice hockey and French fries, but also love high end cuisine as well as the arts, theatre and film and every city in the country enjoys a healthy nightlife.


  • Walking around the gorgeous port cities of Vancouver, historic Quebec, lovely Montreal, quaint Halifax and happy Toronto.
  • See the world from on high in Toronto’s 553m CN Tower, the world’s tallest tower. Hike or take a train through the Rocky Mountains through British Columbia and Alberta.
  • Explore Canada’s oldest national park – beautiful Banff.
  • Visit ‘Vieux Quebec’, the historic district, drenched in French heritage and architecture.
  • Tour Prince Edward Island, home to the classic literature character Anne of Green Gables.
  • Take a stroll in Vancouver’s famous Stanley Park – a magnificent green oasis in this buzzing city.
  • Get cultural and visit Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts, founded in 1860.
  • Visit the Rideau Canal, running right through the heart of Canada’s capital city Ottowa and a World Heritage site.
  • Last but not least – they say the best view of Niagara Falls is on the Canadian side. It’s actually three waterfalls – the Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and the American Falls, but as well as the scenery the region is also now considered a ‘holiday paradise’ with plenty to see and do.

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