Meet kung-fu stars and astronauts on Dream Cruises


Want to learn martial arts from kung-fu stars or talk to astronauts who have been in space? As part of Dream Cruises has announced its new onboard program where guests can listen about epic stories from award-winning travel photographers and iconic explorers of land, sea and space.
The idea of the Dream Cruises enrichment program is to reflect to concept
On the Genting Dream’s maiden voyage, guests will be able to attend the Explore@Sea: The Silk Road. Hosted by award-winning National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita, the talk will include exclusive travel photography consultations with Michael.
On November 26, the Lights, Camera and Martial Arts Action enrichment program will be hosted by the ‘female Bruce Lee’ and the star of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, JuJu Chan. She’ll be conducting a martial-arts workshop for guests aspiring to be martial arts movie stars.
And on Space Exploration@Sea: The True Story of being an Astronaut, Dr Leroy Chiao will share his stories and experiences when he was onboard the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.
Dr Chiao is a renowned American astronaut and international space station commander who has logged 229 days in space.
“We have reached out across the world to identify and invite experts in their respective fields, to bring to our guests a truly varied and inspired programme of life-enhancing experiences,” said Dream Cruises President Mr. Thatcher Brown.
“Cruising on Genting Dream is not only a luxurious and exciting vacation. Through our ‘Dreamscapes’ enrichment programme, guests of all ages will have the opportunity to spark new passions and deepen existing interests, adding a new dimension to their transformational journey at sea.”

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