New stage shows for Asian-based ships


While Broadway babies and show tunes are known to be part of a cruise ships’ theatre repertoire, two lines are breaking the mould. P&O’s latest show, Twice Upon A Time (pictured), is reminiscent of an art festival performance. No words are spoken during the show; the story is told through contemporary dance and music. There’s no set to speak of either. Instead, P&O’s new million-dollar LCD screens project interactive images. Dancers wear elaborate The Matrix-meets-Avatar costumes with the most detailed hair and make-up the line has ever used. Twice Upon A Time is playing on Pacific Eden and Pacific Aria. Meanwhile, Princess Cruises is presenting Stephen Schwartz’s first production for a cruise line, Magic to Do. The show features magical illusions choreographed and paired with some of Schwartz’s most famous songs, and a new one written just for Princess.