Plans released to transform a cruise ship into a floating cemetery


Well this is something out of the ordinary…a Hong Kong based marine club is looking for investors for a new project – the company wants to transform a 60,000 tonne cruise ship into a floating cemetery.

The vessel, which will be floating along Hong Kong’s coastline, will also operate as a hotel and has restaurants, gyms and even a cinema.

There will also be lectures in philosophy and theology that people can attend as well as tours of the vessel.

There will also be funeral service staff, representation major religions who will be able to perform rituals and ceremonies.

There will be space for 48,000 funeral urns starting rom HK$60,000.

The proposition by the H.K. Ship Art Club comes as more people are dying and less space is available in one of the world’s densest cities.

As there is barely enough land for the living, let alone the dead, around 90 per cent of the population opts for cremation. But space is still required for the ashes.

A similar idea was created by Hong Kong based architectural firm, Bread Studio called ‘Floating Eternity’.

“In Hong Kong, it’s traditional to visit our ancestors’ graves twice a year — at Ching Ming Festival, in April, and Chung Yeung Festival, in October,” says Paul Mui, design director at Bread Studio told CNN.

“It seems like a waste to reserve so much valuable land for places we only visit twice a year.”

‘Floating Eternity’ was designed to house 370,000 people’s ashes and prices started from HK$5,000. Floating Eternity’ would dock at several spots around Hong Kong to allow relatives onboard to take part in traditional grave-sweeping activities.

Mr Mui has approached the H.K Ship Art Club about the possibility of collaborating on the project.