Princess Cruises’ amazing Ocean Medallion anticipates your every need


Carnival Cruise Lines, which operates some of Australia’s biggest and best-loved ships, has announced a revolutionary new passenger identification system that will not just open your state room door, but also allow every crew member to know your likes and dislikes.

Any crew member will know you like your martinis shaken, not stirred, and that you don’t take sugar in your coffee. Unnervingly , they will all be able to address you by name as well.

Called the Ocean Medallion, the quarter-sized disc takes Royal Caribbean’s digital bracelet, launched with ships like Ovation of the Seas, to a whole new level.

Princess ships in Australia will get the discs in the summer of 2018.  It will be available first on Regal Princess in November, 2017, followed by Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess.

Arnold Donald, Carnival CEO, announced the Ocean Medallion as the first travel industry executive to deliver the opening keynote at the world’s largest consumer technology event in the US.

Donald described the Medallion as a first-of-its-kind wearable device that enables every guest to have a “personal digital concierge to maximize each guest’s experience”.

The 1.8-ounce disc has no on/off button, needs no charging or instructions, and can be accessorized with jewelry, clips, key chains and bands, or simply carried in a pocket.

Arnold said: “We are creating the most personal, simple and intuitive vacation experience. It’s an all-encompassing and totally unique approach we call O·C·E·A·N – the One Cruise Experience Access Network™.

“This global platform delivers a lifestyle engagement and is a real game-changer.”

The Medallion features an Internet of Things (IoT) network of intelligent sensors and experiential computing devices.  It will revolutionizes guest service not only for the cruise industry, but the broader vacation industry.

Joining Donald to present details of the new guest experience platform were the company executives who are leading the effort: John Padgett, chief guest experience & innovation officer for Carnival Corporation; and Jan Swartz, president of Princess Cruises.

Padgett explained how the Ocean Medallion is the central component of a larger ecosystem.

“Our focus is exceeding guest expectations in ways that cannot be anticipated or duplicated. What makes a Medallion Class experience so special is the level of personalization.”

Every guest will get an Ocean Medallion –with laser-etched guest’s name, ship and date of sailing.  So no chance the diamonte lanyard will be disappearing any time soon!

The Medallion contains Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication capabilities that interact with thousands of sensors, kiosks, interactive surfaces and smart devices infused throughout the ships and ports.

Some of the Ocean Medallion’s benefits include:

  • streamline port embarkation and disembarkation process,
  • allow guests to access their staterooms as they approach the door – no keycard is required),
  • locate friends and family around the cruise ship,
  • enable guests to purchase merchandise without any transaction, cards or paper,
  • deliver on-demand dining experiences based on food and beverage preferences,
  • power an array of interactive gaming and immersive entertainment experiences, and
  • significantly enhance service interactions with crew members and guests.

Ms Swartz, who leads the world’s largest premium cruise line, detailed the opportunities made possible by the Ocean Medallion:

“From the moment our guests first engage with us, their experiences will be powered by their preferences, from extra pillows to their favorite drink,” Ms Swartz said.

“Services they desire will be delivered seamlessly, in real time, often without asking, where and when they want them.”