Royal Caribbean competition helps you understand more about cruise


Asia’s largest cruise company, Royal Caribbean,  has found that almost nine of out ten Singaporeans don’t understand the real value of cruising.

It means they don’t realise they can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars, on a cruising holiday.

Royal Caribbean’s Managing Director of Singapore and Southeast Asia, Sean Treacy, admitted the survey shows local travellers need to be better educated about what they can get from a cruise holiday.

Royal Caribbean surveyed 1,000 people.  The results came as a surprise.

Sixty-six per cent did not know that food and accommodation are included in the total price of a cruise package, while 61 per cent thought they have to pay additional fees to take part in activities like rock-climbing and mini-golf.

“Many local travellers are unaware of what is included in a cruise package. For example, the survey showed that around six out of 10 Singaporeans (63 per cent) think that enjoying a Broadway Show on board, or even ordering room service, incur an extra fee – when it’s actually all-inclusive.

“We also often have our guests telling us how surprised they are by the types of activities they can do on board for free. This includes having simulated skydiving and surfing experiences, going on an elevated observation capsule and attending a circus school on board,” said Mr Treacy.

Royal Caribbean has quickly acted on the findings.

It will run a competition called Sea vs Land, which is a challenge to find Singapore’s savviest value hunters to complete as many cruise activities on land for the same prices as a cruise package.

“Our bold ‘Sea vs Land’ challenge launched today aims to dispel some of these misconceptions about cruising and to show the incredible value that cruising with Royal Caribbean offers which just can’t be matched by a land-based holiday,” said Mr Treacy.

“Everything from accommodation to food and entertainment is taken care of in a cruise package, allowing guests to focus on relaxing, exploring and having fun.”

To enter and qualify as a finalist of the Sea vs Land challenger, competitors must upload a 15 second video of them and/or a teammate showing their value hunting skills. The most impressive and engaging entries will join the challenge showdown on September 17 where they stand to win a dream cruise holiday for two to Hong Kong onboard Voyager of Seas.

For more information on the challenge, click here.