Watch woman begging for cruise ship to come back


It’s every parent’s nightmare – losing their children on their family vacation. For one American woman, the nightmare became a reality.

The mother missed the boarding time of her cruise, was filmed by a fellow passenger begging for the ship to come back.

The woman who was late getting back to the Norwegian Breakaway, was also travelling with her two children who had already boarded the ship.

The woman can be seen yelling and dropping to her knees, pleading for the ship to come back.
“That is someone that has missed the boat,” said fellow passenger Scott Thomas, who took video of the scene and uploaded it to YouTube.

“Apparently she has her kids on the boat and she’s not on there. There’s a guy there, too. That right there is not cool.”

The 4,090-passenger ship left New York on April 17 for a weeklong cruise when the woman and her husband were stranded.

It is believed that the parents had two children on the ship – a boy about nine-years old and a girl who is 12.

“The ship went beyond normal protocol and waiting alongside and additional half an hour for the guest.”

The woman’s husband disembarked with the family’s travel documents to wait for his wife while the children stayed with their uncle and his family onboard for the rest of the trip.

“The company offered travel and lodging assistance to the couple,” NCL said. The line also said the parents were later reunited with their children.

Now it’s one of the major cruise etiquette rules to never be late for your cruise departure time. Some passengers were not sympathetic towards the woman’s tardiness.

So what’s the lesson from this unfortunate event? Don’t be late!